Colin Bent

"Some fifty years ago I opened my father's closet and found a Kodak Brownie and so began my interest in photography. "
Colin has been a resident of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma for over 30 years. Originally from Jamaica, he landed in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Labor Day 1967 when he reported for classes at Oral Roberts University. 
After obtaining a degree in Communication Arts with a minor in Music, he returned to Kingston, Jamaica. In 1978, Colin returned to Tulsa with his wife and two children, alumni of the Broken Arrow Public School system.
His first attempt at photography came when he discovered that Kodak Brownie among his father’s possession and took it out to photograph his friends and family. He progressed to the Kodak Instamatic and then to the Nikormat, his first TTL camera. His love for photography came through in his brief stint as a television producer for the Government of Jamaica’s media outlet where he was responsible for farm and agricultural television shows.
Colin has often credited his skills as a photographer to his training as a television studio cameraman and to the time he has spent under the tutorage of Doug Henderson. In October 2007, along with Henderson and ten other photographers, Colin spent eight days in Ecuador photographing an indigenous tribe and the beautiful surroundings of the Ecuadorian countryside.
Professionally, Colin is an Insurance Executive but photography is his true passion. He has experience in many areas of photography but has gravitated towards landscape and travel photography. 
He invites you to look and enjoy some of what he has produced!